Steven Kaye

To say fitness and DDP YOGA changed my life would be an understatement.


I’m different from many success stories of DDPYOGA; I had no significant disability nor did I have a lack of mobility. What I was, however, was a big kid. I always found my way to the vending machine or the extra piece of cake after dinner. At 17 years old, I was 5 foot 9, 225 pounds. After realizing that I had let myself get to such an unhealthy level of health, I decided to make a change. Going for the quick fix is never the best idea, so instead of crash dieting, I took all of the junk food out of my house and began eating healthy. I then began training my body with a mix of light cardio and weight training. While the results were coming, I knew there was still a piece that I was missing. It was then I learned about DDP YOGA. I was always a wrestling fan and figured, ‘hey, if it worked for DDP, it can work for me!.’

With DDP YOGA I reached my full fitness potential and achieved a higher level self esteem. The barriers in my mind were broken down and with a mix of cardio, weight lifting, and my daily dose of DDP, I was unstoppable. In one short year, I had lost 60 pounds and was down to 6 percent body fat. In just one year! During my college years, I earned my ACE Personal Training certification and always utilized the moves and poses learned in DDPYOGA with my clients, ultimately leading them to fall in love with the program and do it for themselves!

To say fitness and DDP YOGA changed my life would be an understatement. The joke in my household is that much of my good fortune in life has come from the fact that I got into my current shape. Without DDP YOGA, I never would have became a trainer. Without being a personal trainer, I never would become a leader and earned my internships in college. And without my internships in college, I would not be in my current position today. It call comes back to fitness and DDP YOGA! Anyone with a positive mental attitude and a desire to change and own their life can do this program. Fitness changed my life, and took me from being a Diamond in the Rough to a Diamond Cutter.

Give this program a chance. I am so grateful that I did. Work hard, sweat a lot, and FEEL THE BANG!  

*Results not typical and not guaranteed