My knee issue is no longer a problem and I no longer need any blood pressure medication.

I started this journey to a new life because I was morbidly obese with many health issues tied into that. I always ate at Taco Bell, McDonalds and Burger King. I didn’t care what I was putting into my body and didn’t even know that I was slowly killing myself. I ate out of aggression and stress. I lost my job in October of 2013 so I found myself sitting on the couch everyday eating bags and bags of food.  As the days and months went by I got bigger and bigger to the point where my Fire Dept. bunker gear barely fit me anymore.  

I was up to wearing a 5 XL shirt and pants that were a 50 x 30.  This winter was taking its toll on my health.  I went to the doctor because my circulation was getting bad and I was put on blood pressure medication in February 2014.  I felt like I had one foot in the grave.  I weighed myself on February 16th of this year and I was 331 lbs at 5’8”.  Something had to give…. So I got in touch with an old friend from childhood (Matt Hancock).  Matt owns Hammer’s Energy Fitness in LaSalle, IL,  which is a place where he instructs DDP YOGA classes.  

I was desperately in need of help so I met Matt on February 23rd of this year to see if he could help me turn things around and help save my life.  He knew we had some work to do but he was up for the challenge.  I was very big and not very mobile.  My heart rate was around 135 just walking in the door of the fitness center.  The first class I was in I almost passed out and almost quit that night. Matt called me that night to check on me to make sure I was doing ok.  The first few weeks were very rough, but Matt was very supportive and persistent.  He broke the workout down for me to make it my own workout.  With my knee issue he made sure I modified all the positions so I didn’t hurt myself.  Week by week I have been losing weight and lost almost 50 lbs in 11 weeks of training.

My knee issue is no longer a problem and I no longer need any blood pressure medication.  I’m getting stronger and more flexible every day and the inches keep coming off.  My life did a 180 and I’m starting to own my life. I am now employed and I’m starting to really feel more confident in everything I do.  Thank you Matt Hancock, Dr. Craig Aaron and Diamond Dallas Page, you guys have saved my life!!  But there is more improvement to come.  I’m still under construction!!  Watch out world here I come!!

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