I knew I needed to do something, and this looked doable.

I have suffered with a bad back, scoliosis, bulging, dehydrated, and herniated discs in my mid and low back most of my life.  I had no balance, no ability to do a 'sport', and was, generally, in poor health.  In 2010, I herniated one of the 5 bulging discs in my neck that PT and chiropractors could not fix.  The pain in my arms and neck was so severe that I had to have surgery. The doctor ended up fusing 2 discs together and putting in a steel plate in my neck. 

In 2013, I ended up getting separated and divorced. I also herniated 2 more discs in my neck. I had a bad reaction to medication and was on high doses of Prednisone for 3 months. I reacted to all the stress by eating. I couldn't exercise due to pain. I gained over 30 pounds.  I was on anti depressants, muscle relaxers, nerve blockers, and pain killers.
At the end of December 2013, I saw Arthur Boorman's video.  I knew I needed to do something, and this looked doable.  I started January 2014, changing everything about my life.  I was already gluten free, and just stepped up my game.  

Here are my measurements in January:
weight: 207.5
waist: 37 "
chest 41"
shoulders 45 3/4"
neck: 14"
bicep: 13"
hips: 44.5"
thigh: 25
knees: 16 3/4"
calves: 17
Here are my measurements in November: 

weight: 164
waist: 28 "
chest 35"
shoulders 41.5"
neck: 13.5"
bicep: 11"
hips: 35"
thigh: 19
knees: 15"
calves: 15.5 

*Results not typical and not guaranteed