Being a recent college graduate, I have a whole life ahead of me is bound to change in unimaginable ways. It may be interesting to hear that, DDP YOGA changed my life. Yes, what little I hve experienced, but to me it is my whole world. As a teenager, managing my weight and my self-confidence was never an issue. I never worried about my diet until I was diagnosed with celiacs disease when I was a senior in high school. This changed my whole world. I went from eating very little because I didn't know what I could eat to getting to college and eating every gluten free junk food under the sun, and the extra alcohol LBs weren't helping either. 

People say that it is easy to put on the freshmen 15. In fact it was so easy for me, doubled it and put on the college 30. That just kept creeping up as the years went on.  With these extra pounds on my body, my self-confidence was weighted down as well and I lost my sense of self. 

Finally, I decided I needed to own my life and to stop wallowing in self-pity. So after correcting my gluten-free diet to tasty healthy snacks and cut out those adult beverages, I tailored my life to finding the Lexi I knew underneath this weight. I began doing DDP YOGA religiously, and found the strength I knew I had. 

Forty pounds later, I was back to confidence and courageous Lexi that is before you now. I know that only 40 lbs may not seem like a lot of weight. But being a college athlete, 5' 2", and 158 lbs, just was unacceptable for me. DDP YOGA changed my lacrosse game making me lighter on my feet and helped with have quick reactions to step to the ball. I am back down to my fit, high school weight of 118 and STRONG. 

So yes, DDP YOGA changed my young life for the best. It is also changing my future. My dreams have been tailored to opening my own workout studio in Saint Petersburg, FL to teach DDP YOGA and inspire other like my uncle Dallas Page inspired me to own my life. 



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