I brought myself DDPYOGA as a gift to myself for going a year without a drink, and eating healthy. A year ago I was in the hospital for Arethemia, doctors also found out that I was 236 pounds high cholesterol,l a walking obese fat dude. After I was scared straight with the possibility of death I gave up booze and eating bad. I dropped down to 206 but my friend/Doctor Mac  told me to start exercising. After debating a gym membership and venturing to DDPYOGA.Com every day like it was a porn site. I decided f it I’m jumping in. I started at 209, Sundays weigh in I was 185. I use to say to myself why me, but you can't say why me… you got to say... Why not me!   I went in for a physical in August the Doctor was shocked that I was in perfect health.  He asked me, " How'd you do it Jesse?"  I put up the Diamond Cutter, and told him about how DDP Yoga changed my life.  This is not a diet, this is a lifestyle.   Do not listen to negative people's comments, focus on positive energy.  Do not let anyone make you feel like you are not good enough to turn your life around.



 Thank you DDP and for the people that doubted me being healthy thank you as well. 

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