I have gone above and beyond my original goals.

Weight fluctuations have always been an issue for me. With the added stress of school and life, everything felt like a challenge.  After graduating with my Master’s degree, I was 208lbs and felt terrible.  You do not have to have a medical degree to realize that supporting such heavy weight is unhealthy.   

I had to do something that helped me lose weight, but with minimal joint impact. 

I found the Arthur Boorman video followed by the Stacy Morris video. I found my answer: DDP YOGA. 

Fast forward 6 months later (July 2013- January 2014) and I have gone above and beyond my original goals. I have lost 71lbs, from 208lbs to 137lbs. I am now with 6.7% body fat. My waist size is now a size 29 from a size 36. 

I feel like a whole new person. DDP YOGA has taught me how to train my body, stay positive and motivated, and eat nutritiously…period.  DDP YOGA gave me strength, stamina, flexibility and tone. This is MY lifestyle and it started with 20 minutes a day.  With an incredible workout and the best support group on Team DDP YOGA, there is nothing like it out there! I am still continuing my DDP YOGA journey and working towards my DDP YOGA certification.     


*Results not typical and not guaranteed