Eric Turner

One year to the day… and I’m still going.

You read that right. ONE YEAR!  One year ago I got my dvds in the mail and did my first Diamond Dozen. As I sit here and start to recollect my emotions are super-charged. I will likely fall short in describing what DDP YOGA has done for me but know this… It changed my life.

May 27th of 2013 I started owning my life.  As cliche as that may come off, it’s the 100% honest truth. I didn’t even realize it.  I did my first Diamond Dozen and thought… WOW! That in itself was a good workout. It didn’t take long for me to see little improvements here and there.  One more Push Up without my knees, one more set I didn’t have to modify, one more time doing the thing I thought I would never be able to do.

It didn’t take but a few days before I started setting goals. My first goal was nutrition based.  I quit eating fast food. That’s right, I haven’t had a McD’s burger or Zaxby’s chicken in a year. And I don’t miss it, not now anyway. To start with it though it was mental hell to not eat something I had eaten every day for years.  After my first couple of weeks I tried a “burger”, it didn’t go well with my stomach and I’ve not had fast “food” since.  My next major goal was to do Black Crow.  This is where the real pain and gain came in. Faceplant after faceplant, neck pain, shoulder pain, thinking I’d never get it. I kept trying, at least once a day. And one day… BANG!  I did it. and I can hold it for over a minute now.  I’m still working towards going into handstand from BC… and I WILL get there… just not yet.

When I first filled out my profile on I put as goals that I wanted to lose weight and ease back pain. I can gladly report I’ve accomplished both missions.  I want to add that my chiroprator, Dr. C at Northshore Chiro and Rehab, is the REAL DEAL. Seeing him and his staff once a week compliments my DDP YOGA perfectly.  By dedicating myself to the two, I have a body that I’ve never had before. Healthy, fit… still ugly. HA!

I’m currently working towards my certification as a DDP YOGA instructor.  I greatly enjoy helping people and that’s what I consider teaching DDP YOGA to be… helping people. If I can pass this on to ONE person and it give them what it’s given me… it would be worth teaching every person I know.  

I BELIEVE in this program. I BELIEVE in MYSELF. I know that “Hard work pays off! And dream come true! Bad times don’t last. But bad guys DO!”  Scott Hall said that… and I BELIEVE that too!



*Results not typical and not guaranteed