DDP Yoga has improved every facet of my life.


When I came to DDP YOGA, I was a mess. I was overweight, depressed and I had chronic knee pain that made walking up a flight of three steps excruciating. There was no way I could do the cardio needed to lose weight.

I was never active as a child or teen. Then, in my twenties, I began a terrible on-again, off-again cycle of working out and dieting with high impact, dangerous workouts and weight loss plans. Over time, these systems destroyed my knees, and by my 30’s, I was in such bad pain, I completely gave up. What other option was there?

All my life, I had never had a healthy body image or a healthy relationship with food. I struggled with Bulimia from the age of 12 until I was in grad school. While I stopped the act of purging, I didn’t resolve the underlying issues or the binging, so compulsive weight loss was replaced by compulsive eating. The weight began to pile on, and my body image continued to decline. Coupled with my knee pain, I just gave up. I was completely hopeless and depressed, and it was starting to affect my marriage, my ability to be a good mother, and the confidence I needed to pursue a fulfilling career.
Like a lot of people, I discovered DDP YOGA through the Arthur Video. The only regret I have about DDP YOGA is the amount of time that elapsed between first seeing it and ordering my MAX PACK.
Before DDP YOGA, I had never lost more than 10 lbs, nor I had I ever kept any weight off, so I was amazed when the weight just flew off doing DDP YOGA. 20 lbs came off in 40 days, then another 20 lbs came off by day 70. I lost 45 lbs by day 90, and I have lost (and more importantly, kept off) 50 lbs in total. But that’s just the beginning of it. In addition to getting a strong, lean body, I noticed that my body and food issues were being resolved too. I feel truly confident and secure from within.
I had never run more than 10 yards in my life, and with my knee pain, it was impossible to think that I ever could. But with the incorporated sports rehab in DDP YOGA, I was able to run a Warrior Dash by Day 60, a half-marathon by 6 months, and a full marathon by just over a year of DDP YOGA. I have also done a Tough Mudder, numerous 5Ks, 10Ks, and mud runs, and I am training for my second full marathon right now.

I was so inspired by all the health and true happiness that DDP YOGA has brought me that I started looking for ways to share it with others. My first approach was starting my blog, for which I won the DDP YOGA Challenge. Then, thanks to the inner confidence that DDP YOGA has given me, I took a leap of faith, and started training to be a certified instructor. With my good friend, Chrisina Russell, I was able to become the co-first certified female Level 1 DDP YOGA instructor in the world. Me! The girl who faked injury and illness to get out of every single gym class, and was 2lbs away from the 200lb mark just over a year ago now has a rewarding career in the fitness industry. Thanks to DDP YOGA, I also had the confidence needed to apply for an amazing job that I truly love, that also offers flexible hours so I can DDP YOGA.
DDP YOGA has improved every facet of my life. I have felt its positive impact in so many ways that it’s impossible to list them all here. I am eternally grateful to DDP, The Yoga-Doc, and to everyone at TeamDDP who has supported me on this journey.



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