I am from the UK and have struggled with my weight for a few years now. 

It got to the point that I weighed 272 lbs in December of 2012. 

After not having not much success with my diets and working out at my local gym I found the video of Arthur Boorman on Youtube, and then instantly recognised DDP as I used to watch WCW back in the day. 

I was very inspired like many others by Arthur's journey so much so that I bought the whole packaged of DVDs. Eight months in I'm around 210 lbs maybe lighter, and I have gone from a 40 inch waist which were getting tight on me, to getting into a pair of 34" waist 501's much to my joy. 

I have cut out dairy and most gluten products from my diet (sometimes I get caught out with the gluten) but I always try to eat clean. I have also dumped the soda for water. 

Dallas has pretty much given me a new lease on life and I can't thank him and Arthur enough for their support and also for the support from TeamDDPYOGA. 

*Results not typical and not guaranteed