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So my name is Robert Banfield I am 30yrs old. When i was back in high school i played football and one day i got rammed in the back and herniated two discs. I saw a doctor and went to physical therapy for it being told that for the rest of my life id be in some sort of pain. Now about a year and a half ago i was following DDP YOGA and its stories actually looking for some sort of workout for my wife, because she is diabetic and has problems with her knees but wants to get into shape. I got the product and decided to do it with her, now after a year we are feeling great. She can work out with out stress on her joints and feel better and has more stamina. My side is not only has my back pain completely gone away but I have more flexibility and in better shape than I've ever been in. I have always been a skinnier guy and was unable to stay with muscle for long as id burn it off. Now in 2008 my father passed away and i started stress eating so not only was i skinny but i had gained fat on face and gut,not attractive for my size and weight. Now after this program I'm at 158 pounds but of muscle and no gut or chubby face. So the program has helped extremely, so I just wanted to share the story with you and others so it can help them as it has my wife who is now in shape and not burnt out by just running or in pain from work, and myself who has no pain and is in the best shape of his life. Thanks a lot.

Robert and Lisa Banfield
Las Vegas NV

David Close

So I have been using DDP yoga now the past 5 weeks and I can def say it has made a difference. Quick background, I am 33 but have practiced martial arts for 17yrs of my life (man time flies). I got a back injury doing dumb stuff as a teenager that never has healed. What I have found now is that my disk had slightly slipped and is degenerative due to the constant workload I have put on it. I don't require surgery but if I am to be active the back will always be constantly sore. Being in martial arts, mobility is a big component and for years I have tried various exercise routines and stretches to help lengthen out my timeframe for training.

Fast forward to me getting DDP yoga. Watched DDP since his days in the NWA managing the Diamond Stud (yes I am a old school wrestling fan and will always be) and I remember reading up on how he had done Yoga to help w the bumps he has taken over the years. So I figured hell if his system of yoga saved him from all of the wear and tear he has put his body through it HAS to be helpful. So I got the program and started it (slowly trying to implement the food guidelines, Rome was not built in a day after all). Now I have 5 black belts and currently working towards my 6th (this is the last one and its in brazilian jiu-jitsu, currently I am a brown belt). Joint mobility is a KEY component when training and if there is one area that will affect all bjj guys at some point it is back pain. My back is always TIGHT in the morning and its only as the day goes on that it loosens up. Add in me having a desk job as a engineer and it gets worse. Well as I started the program and being consistent, I noticed that my back was a lot looser for the rest of the day. As time progressed, it was less tight and painful when I would wake up even. I even noticed a transfer in training as my range of motion was increased and it allowed a greater fluidity to my game. Another benefit is that whenever joints were sore, going through the exercises seem to "lubricate" the joints so that the general stiffness would gradually decrease. So if anything its made a believer of me, even my chiropractor has noticed a difference when doing my weekly adjustments (esp in the increased rotation in my back), so I know its not something that is just in my head! I have already tried spreading the gospel of DDP yoga and will continue to do so, it is a great supplemental workout as well as body restorative program for people of all backgrounds.

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NSV got taken off my diabetic medicine today. Still work to be done but a giant step in the right direction.

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