DDP Yoga DVDs Pack 1 (DVDs, Poster and Program Guide)DDP Yoga DVDs Pack 1 (DVDs, Poster and Program Guide)
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DDP Yoga DVDs Pack 1 (DVDs, Poster and Program Guide) DDP Yoga DVDs Pack 1 (DVDs, Poster and Program Guide) DDP Yoga DVDs Pack 1 (DVDs, Poster and Program Guide)

DDP Yoga DVDs Pack 1 (DVDs, Poster and Program Guide)


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Get the DVDs PLUS the MP3s for exercising on the go! Don't forget that you also get the Program Guide and Diamond Dozen


Program Guide

Diamond Dozen Poster

Diamond Dozen 
34 Minutes

22 Minutes

Fat Burner
24 Minutes

Below The Belt
29 Minutes

Diamond Cutter
50 Minutes

Red Hot Core
12 Minutes

All DVDS are Region 0 NTSC DVDs

Program Guide Includes: 
Introduction to the workouts
13 Week workout grid
Phase 1, 2 & 3 Nutrition Guides
Food Lists (what to eat, what to avoid)
Meal Plans
Food Journal
Workout Journal
Progress Journal

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Diamond Dozen

Includes the funamental positions at the heart of every workout. You'll learn about Dynamic Resistance and how to jack up your heart rate to reach your fat burning potential while toning and sculpting your body with learn, chiseled muscles. 






Energy! take the Diamond Dozen positions and incorporates them into an energizing 20 minute workout designed to wake up your body. While it’s designed for beginners don’t be fooled! As you seek more deeply into the positions you can get an intense workout in these power packed 20 minutes.



Fat Burner

Crank it up and get ready to sweat! This 25 minute workout provides total body conditioning, including targeting problem areas like abs, arms, thighs and butt. This fast paced, high cardio emphasis focuses on carving fat off your body in a compact, time saving workout.


Below The Belt

Ok ladies, I specifically had you in mind for this one. Here we’re focusing on holding back the hands of time in your butt and thighs. And guys, you’ll gain incredible strength in your most powerful muscle groups – glutes and thighs.


Diamond Cutter

You know this one’s gotta be good because I named it after my signature move. We focus on every part of your body while we build strength, increase flexibility and give you a cardio workout like you’ve never had. Want to lose weight quickly or tune up? Guess what? This is for you!


Red Hot Core

If you’ve got a little extra hanging over your waistband, this is the workout for you! Sexy, slim waistlines and ripped abs require a red hot core workout! Take less than 15 focused minutes to build core strength and create that flat stomach or six pack of your dreams!