Christopher W Maines

I feel amazing and I have DDP to thank for that. 


Hello My Name is Chris and I'm from Dillingham, Alaska. I was overweight for most of my childhood, teenager years, and adult life.

Since 2006 I've gone through periods where I would exercise and lose weight, only to go back and begin eating and gaining weight all over again.

I originally bought the DDP YOGA system after seeing a special on Real Sports. Having been a fan of DDP growing up I wanted to give his work out program a try. I started doing it and saw results, however I quit doing it after a two months.

Back in June of this year I was miserable. I had no energy and I had become overweight again. My wife was now pregnant with our first child. I started to think of what kind of example I wanted to set for my son. I wanted to be active and in good health for him and my wife.

So I fully committed to DDP's Program. I exercise 4-5 Days a week and began to see results immediately. I have been following the meal guide and now have more energy now then ever before. I really enjoy the program and look forward to it on a daily basis. I am more flexible and the knee and back pain I have had most of my life is now gone.

I feel amazing and I have DDP to thank for that. 



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