Chris Godfrey

One year to the day… and I’m still going.

I honestly don't know how I heard about you guys. I believe I was looking for home yoga workouts and came across it. 
One of the few things I changed was that I stopped drinking alcohol. I wasn't an alcoholic, but I loved my dark craft beers that are loaded with carbs and calories. I also stopped eating beef, except for 1 dish at a restaurant in Philly's Chinatown section that I eat no more than twice a year. 
Another diet thing is that I try to keep it as Paleo as possible. I'd say that it's about 75% Paleo. I also don't eat any meat one day a week. 
Attached is 2 photos. One is when I was at 260 on New Year's Eve where it turned 2010. The other was taken last week. You can see how my police uniform pants are too big. My wardrobe hasn't caught up to my waistline!


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