Its time for me.

For years I stayed around 220 pounds, fluctuating up and down with different diets and exercise routines. The exercise routines worked but I became bored with them, I didn't enjoy my workout, they felt more like a chore than a life change.

Then I 2009 my family had a major personal situation that hit hard and cost us everything financially. My wife and I lost all savings and retirement approx 180 thousand dollars. Then December of 2010 I became unemployed. Depression set in and I gained weight I topped out around 285 pounds, I stand 5' 6". I tried exercise again, only to pass out during routines. I developed what my family jokingly called wake apnea. I would literally stop breathing while wide awake. Heart disease runs in my family, my mother had a 6 way heart bypass at 57.

My Dr. basically said lose weight or you will die, but you can't exercise your heart cant take it. No heavy exercise how was I going to save my life.  I made a decision and had a stomach reduction surgery, not a bypass just a reduction, this helped me control my eating and helped to make better decisions.


Now I want to take control for the rest of my life. I had done Yoga before and could tell it was an excellent core and flexibility exercise, but it was kind of boring to say the least. Quiet music slow movements soft breathing was not for me.

Then I stumbled onto DDP YOGA. How could a wrestler be doing Yoga. I decided to look into it just to get a laugh, and was blown away by what I found. YRG has helped me to focus on my body in a different way, YRG has helped me to maintain some tone in my body, instead of having excessive loose skin from weight loss. I have done so many different work outs in my life, from Richard Simmons, Tae Bo, Insanity, P90X, and many more than I can count.

The thing is they all have their ups and downs but none of them brought any long term desire for me to continue them. Now the more I do DDP YOGA the more I learn, each time I get better, I learn to ignite better and each time the routine takes on a whole new level of intensity. I love how you can make each Day your own. If you are not able to do what those in the video are doing, you aren't made to feel inadequate, you are instructed to make it your own.

Dallas has an amazing way to encourage you to keep going. His humor and his obvious care for people is amazing. If you doubt this watch and do a couple of routines and you will find yourself drawn to his character.

Day 1 is the day I realized this is the first day of the rest of my life. Then in Sept 2013 I had an accident at work, was ran over by a vehicle and broke my leg, I was told by Dr. that I was to NOT exercise at all for 3 weeks. So I sat back and pouted for 3 weeks, but as soon as I was released to exercise I was right back in it, and I attribute my fast recovery to DDP YOGA.




*Results not typical and not guaranteed