Brian Burden

My cholesterol had dropped almost 100 points.

On December 25,2013 I was hanging with a buddy winding down from christmas activities. He had just received a blood pressure monitor and we were trying it out.  His was normal.  Mine was 160/100!  Same the next morning so I went to the Dr. I weighed in at 230 lbs.  they did blood work and put me on BP meds and told me to lose 50lbs. Went back 3 weeks later and had lost 11lbs. Then I pulled the trigger and bought DDP YOGA!  I'd heard of it from a couple people in my hometown.  It's been nothing but awesome!  First month on the program I lost 15 lbs.  last appointment I went to, my cholesterol had dropped almost 100 points.  A1C was normal, triglycerides were back to normal and he lowered my dose from 30mg to 10mg!

This program is legit!  If you want your life back, let DDP help!
See ya in October!

*Results not typical and not guaranteed